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Custom Cut Products






Are the PU buns more material than you need? No worries -- we can cut the bun to a smaller more favorable size. And then we will return the remaining portion of the bun back to stock. This does not only help you obtain a more favorable quantity, but it can also maximize your yield which will minimize your cost for each part.The normal lead time for block material is one week.







We stock a variety of PU sheets in many different sizes and densities. If we do not have the size you need in stock, no worries! We can custom cut a block of PU and then slit it to your desired thickness. The minimum order for custom cut sheets is one block size.  The normal lead time for PU sheets (non-stock) is one week. Sheets are normally wrapped and taped in poly film for local deliveries. If you are going to be shipping PU sheets LTL, please let us know so we can package and price the sheets to match your specifications in order to prevent sheets from getting damaged in transit. 






We do not stock any PU pads. Everyone needs a different size so everything is custom cut. Smaller pads are normally packaged loosely in a large box.  Larger pads are usually stacked in a large box or wrapped and taped in a poly film bundle. Pads normally have a one week lead time. If you are ordering larger volumes, the leadtime may be longer. Either way, the leadtime will be stated on your quote. 




Convoluted Sheets & Pads


We do not stock any PU convoluted sheets or pads. Everyone needs different sizes, which means everything is custom cut. Convoluted works the same way as PU sheets and pads. The only difference is that convoluted is cut and sold in a set of two. Smaller convoluted sets are normally packaged loosely in a large box. Average to larger sized pads are stacked in a large box or wrapped and taped in poly film. If you are ordering larger volumes, the leadtime may be longer. Either way, the leadtime will be stated on our quote. 




Flash Cuts shapes


Flash cuts are cut with a CNC machine which eliminates expensive tooling. This makes it very practical for producing small volume foam parts. Tool kits and sample cases are great applications for flashcuts. Kits and cases normally have several layers to store and protect multiple products. Tooling of each layer can make the cost for a dozen cases very expensive and impractical. Also, kits and cases can change from year to year making it even more expensive. With our flashcutter we can make the necessary Autocad adjustments and change the foam insert without costly revisions. However, our favorite thing about the flash-cutter is its accuracy and precision. 






PU profiles are always considered a custom cut. Profiles are a specific shape other than a square or rectangle. A rectangle with any slot, notch, or curve is a profile. Circles, hexagons, and triangles are all profiles. In order to get a quote for  profile you must have a drawing that stipulates all of the dimensions necessary to shape the part. We can also cut shapes inside another shape. In order to do this there will be an entry cut and it is also the exit path back through the outer shape. The most common packagaing shapes are L-shapes, U- shapes, and multiple slotted shapes. We normally package most profiles in large boxes. The normal lead time for a profile is two weeks. 




Die Cuts 

Die cut shapes are a very effecient method of producing PU shapes. A die can be made in almost any shape.

We can nest shapes together to miniumize the material necessary to make it. Diecuts can also be made to group multiple pieces together to be cut in one stroke. It can cut many shapes within a rectangle shape to create voids that seperate and protect the products that are shipping.If you have a less than average volume order, a die cut shape will pay off quickly. The normal lead time for a diecut is two weeks.








Not the Size You are Looking For?

Not seeing the size you need? No worries, contact us or Request a Quote so that we can custom cut the size you need! 




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