foam rubber
foam rubber



There are so many options of Polyethylene that it can sometimes become difficult to decide which one you need. Don't stress, because we can tell you what is going to protect your product best! Make sure to keep scrolling down, the possibilities are endless with PE and you don't want to miss anything! 





What Can Hingelock Designs Do for You? 

There are so many possibilities when it comes to hingelock material, however it takes the right design to fully utilize it's capabilities. The first image below just looks like a foam "I", however with the right design this "I" turns into a masterpiece. This "accordian" design allows you to package multiple sized items.  What does this mean?


That means that you can purchase ONE design that can fit multiple products! 





More Hingelock Designs

Not the Size You are Looking For?

Not seeing the size you need? No worries, contact us or Request a Quote so that we can custom cut the size you need! 




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Do you have more questions? Our Operations Manager,  Lisa Niederbrach would love to help you better understand what we do and how we can meet your needs. We are ready to solve your problems with design.  Call or email Lisa today!


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