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foam rubber

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Precision is Key


Our CNC automated hot wire cutting line allows us to cut a wide variety of parts in a very efficient manner. This machine uses heated wires to cut foam into various shapes. Anything from sheets, pads, and profiles can be cut with this machine. Tooling is not required so there is no upfront cost, and it cost nothing to change. Give EPS a try.







Here is our CNC hot wire cutting line. It is "slabbing" an EPS billet. The hot wires are set to a desired thickness plus 1/16" for burn out. The harp of hot wires pass through and melt the foam to make untrimmed sheets.






If you want a trimmed square sheet or pad, the stack of sheets are moved to the downcutter. The downcutter has a grid of wires that are carefully set to the desirable width and length of the sheet or pad that is ordered. The grid of hot wires move vertically up or down to melting the foam in two directions. When the wires finish cutting, a stack of evenly size pieces remain. The scrap around

the edges is removed and the foam pieces are packaged for shipment.







Our CNC will also cut specialty designed shapes. The same harp of hot wires that cut flat sheets can simultaneously move in two directions. It follows the routing from an AutoCAD drawing. We can virtually cut any two dimensional shape. 


When we program the machine to cut a simple 6"circle the machine travels in a circle pattern but it cuts a 6" cylinder that is the length or width of the billet. These cylinders are removed from foam shaped scrap cocoon and they are placed on the downcutter to cut the length or thickness of the profile. The scrap is removed around the edges of the shapes and the profiles are packaged for shipment.








Multiple EPS pads and profiles can be assembled to create protective foam packaging shapes of many different designs. EPS parts are easily glued together using a low temperature hot melt. This hot melt adhesive is also effective when gluing EPS to other foam types, and even corrugated.




Not the Size You are Looking For?

Not seeing the size you need? No worries, contact us or Request a Quote so that we can custom cut the size you need! 




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