foam rubber
foam rubber

Expanded Polystyrene 

Expanded Polystyrene is a great option if you are looking for a package that will only take a few drops, and is cost efficient. Below are a few photos of EPS work we have done recently. Below that is a more in depth photo series of how a profile works. 


Let us design our way out of your problem! 





Profile Designs


Profile's can be very difficult to explain, and sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words! Below is a package design we did utilizing a nested profile.  



The above package is a great example of how our designs cannot only fix your problems, but can save you money. The first photo shows the profile that we used for this design. What makes this design special is the second photo. In order to reduce waste, which saves you money, we nested two of these profiles together in order to create peak efficiency. This package consisted of one profile (2 per package), and 1 pad (3 per package).


You can trust that we will find the most efficent way to create your package!  

Not the Size You are Looking For?

Not seeing the size you need? No worries, contact us or Request a Quote so that we can custom cut the size you need! 




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Do you have more questions? Our Operations Manager,  Lisa Niederbrach would love to help you better understand what we do and how we can meet your needs. We are ready to solve your problems with design.  Call or email Lisa today!


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